Hello! upgrade website from rw 5 to rw6

Hello everybody!
Some years ago… I do a website and I still work on it. Now I have upgrade my SO to Sierra and wanna use RW 6 instead of 5
If I open my project the themes modified can’t came and the file won’t open.

Any help?

Not sure what you’re asking or why you’re not upgrading all the way to RW7.
But there’s a guide here:
You need to make sure you are using 5.4.1 first.

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thank you for the answer.
Maybe I have to upgrade my plugin Collage2, Symnivo e PlusKit then I can try to upgrade my website.
I am not upgrading to rw7 because last year I buy a license of rw6 but whit Yosemite won’t work, now I have Sierra and it works.

If/when you move to High Sierra you’ll have to go with RW7.

Also, according to this: https://help.realmacsoftware.com/support/solutions/articles/36000001218-purchasing-an-upgrade
you’d be eligible for a free upgrade to RW7. It’s with it for the automatic backups, imo.

Having said that, I don’t use Pluskit but I know that it underwent significant updating, so that may need to be upgraded as well along with RW (the new version is a paid upgrade)

hey thanks to all guys!
I m not eligible for a free upgrade but I will send a mail :wink:
I have upgrade my plugin and now it seems works well but not symnivo
I read that this plugin is not yet supported… you have any idea of what I can use instead of this?
Thanks again!


No, Symnivo is long gone I’m afraid. Can you remind us what it does? Then we can recommend more modern alternatives.

This is not entirely true, if you upgrade to High Sierra, see if RW 6 works if you do not want to upgrade. I have it with HS and it works great for me. Yes, there have been issues related to HS and RW 6, I just do not see them on the machines I have.

hi @robbeattie symnivo is an image slider that I’ve used in home page of this website: http://www.b-ice.it

Do you have stacks?

Hi Doug yes I have the 2 version

Well, I don’t know if you will find anything for version 2 of stacks? I started with RW6 and stacks 3. The RW world, for the most part, has gone to stacks. You can find all kind of “sliders” type of slideshow for stacks 3:
If you wanted to upgrade to stacks 3 there are a lot of options.
@willwood has a couple that has free demos:



Thanks to all guys but I think that to maintain a single website is all too hard, economically and time to spend. I saw that I can still use rw5 on sierra and for now I think I will keep using that!
Thank you all and happy Easter!

Buona Pasqua!


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