Capsule stack not starting "open"

(william c mitchell) #1

Using Capsule stack to show/hide text.
I have 3 columns on my home page and I want them to start open for SEO.
I have changed the page and exported to my site but old page seams to be there.

(Rob Beattie) #2

Can you provide a URL William?

(Tapio Laakkonen) #3

Hello! Using capsule shouldn’t be a problem at SEO vice. If one removes styles from a browser it will show how text is readable… Having a text in a picture would be.

Are you sure it is not an export conflict problem? Meaning that if you didn’t remove previous project files from the server before exporting current version it could cause conflict. Could be also server cache that causes the problem, or just your web browser cache.

(william c mitchell) #4

(Rob Beattie) #5

Unless @Elixir can spot something obvious then you’ll need to troubleshoot it.

Make a copy of the page and remove everything except one capsule stack. Republish and see if that works. If it does, add a second and then the third. Then add your other elements back onto the page one by one until you find whatever’s causing the problem.


(Adam Shiver) #6

There is a lot going on with that page. I recommend doing as @robbeattie suggests and making a simple test page to try and narrow down where the problem is coming from. Though, as @TapioMichael points out, the Capsules starting closed should have no ill effects on your SEO.

If you create a simple test page and still run into problems, then post a link to a ZIP file containing your project file and I’ll have a look at it.

(william c mitchell) #7

Adam I exported and uploaded my site and capsule works as I wanted.
Deleted and replaced files/folders as needed.
Theme is Freestack responsive I know it is old, upgraded to responsive version of freestacks
before Foundation was released.
I did delete a background styling stack the was behind the banner which is now a warehoused jpg.
I was not using the styling function anyway. KISS principle at work.
Banner jpg is at top of the page.
Home page also has little mouse which works fine.
Site looks fine in chrome but safari shows old version.
Have yet to try other macs or iPad.
Changed the name of home page folder to home but finder shows older name.

(David) #8

Have you tried clearing the browser cache on Safari?

(Adam Shiver) #9

Give what @thang mentioned a try. What you’re talking about, the page not changing visually when you visit the page, wouldn’t be caused by the theme or the stacks addons. It does sound like the page has been cached by your browser on your computer.

(system) #10

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