Cart 3 problems

I am using Cart 3 in RW8 with stacks 4 and have very carefully followed the demo and instructions. When I preview with Firefox the shopping cart works properly and will redirect to either Paypal or Stripe pages. However, when I have uploaded the website, although the cart still works properly and will redirect to Paypal, when I try to pay with Stripe the current page goes to white except for the menu but nothing else happens. Can anyone help me pin down the issue please?
Thanks John
website is

I think Cart 3 is a @YuzoolSupport product so maybe they can advise?

Dear Mr. Colwill,

When you have opportunity, please send us your rapidweaver file so we can take a look. Kind regards,

Yuzool Support Team

Thanks for your reply Sydney. It’s a large file at 128MB. Do you mean I should send the whole lot?

You can always put it on something like Dropbox and give them a link.

Use for this.

Please send us a dropbox link. Thank you,

Yuzool Support Team

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