Yuzool Checkout stack

I just got an email from Stripe that my site was using a legacy version of Stripe Checkout and that I should update it. The version of Yuzool’s Stripe Checkout stack I have is 1.6.8. Is there an update in the works by any chance? @YuzoolSupport

Nevermind, I see there’s a Checkout 2 stack, so that’s probably the issue.
I also realized that Paysnap takes Stripe and I have that so I’m probably sorted.

Correct. Was just about to reply. Kind regards,

Yuzool Support Team

Hi @jabostick You may want to undertake some research with regards to the Checkout 2 stack before you buy as STRIPE no longer accepts the SKU numbers and I’ve not heard from Yuzool with regards to an update :frowning:

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