Catalina Will Kill WP-Blog - Migration Options?

It’s been a few years since Nilrog stopped supporting WP-Blog. But the incredible plugin has continued to work away powering a large blog attached to our otherwise RW generated website. Since Catalina will kill the plug in, it’s time to finally make a move.

With nearly 400 articles, and over a thousand comments, what migration options are actually out there?

While I’d love to preserve the comments due to some incredible conversations, but the biggest thing is maintaining the links.

Any and all suggestions are appreciated. My current plan (aside from holding off on Catalina), will be to remove the plugin, and design a template for the blog inside of WordPress that somewhat matches the rest of the site, and then use offsite links in the navigation bar, ete. But I’d love to get off WordPress entirely.

I don’t have WP-Blog, I assume it displays WordPress blogs inside RW?
I’ve never tried this but @yabdab has a WordPress stack:


I actually own that stack, and I quickly tossed it into a duplicate file. It’ll definitely work in a pinch, but it doesn’t support comments. (At least not that I’ve been able to find so far.) But thanks for the reminder. If I get super stressed, I’ll move to that. But if I have to stay on WordPress, it’d be great to keep the comments.

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