Change from SSL protocols TLS 1.2 HELP!

Hi My webhost has recently updated their protocol to use TSL 1.2 instead of SSL. Is there any way that I can change any settings to allow for this? Obviously my web hosting is useless if I can’t use the TSL 1.2 protocol. Any help would be appreciated!


I wouldn’t think you were using the old SSL 2.0 or 3.0 before, I don’t know and you didn’t say the hosting company. SSL 3.0 was a 1996 protocol and was deprecated several years ago. You may have been using TLS 1.1 before?

I don’t think it would matter much to you, as they are more a server configuration. TLS is the new name for SSL. Namely, SSL protocol got to version 3.0; TLS 1.0 is “SSL 3.1”. TLS versions currently defined include TLS 1.1 1.2 and 1.3.

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Thanks for your response. I really don’t understand this stuff too well. The web host suggested using filezilla to upload files. I know this is a stupid question but where do I find the files (in my case public_html ) to upload to filezilla?

Do a site export / publish to a local folder

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