FTP stopped working

Hello. I wonder if anyone can help? I recently ran into problems publishing using FTP. I contacted my ISP who told me

In order to offer the best experiences to our customers through our platforms and services, we decided to increase the security of FTP servers and stop allowing plain text FTP connections. Thus, the FTP connections with our servers will be established only through TLS/SSL encryption and the plain text connection attempts will be rejected.

If you’re using FTP clients that connect to one of our servers, we recommend that you should edit the FTP connection settings and select TLS/SSL Explicit encryption, save the connection and accept the SSL certificate at the next FTP connection.

I’m afraid that I don’t understand what this means. Should I alter my publishing settings? I’ve tried switching the SFTP was asked to accept a certificate which I did but I’m still not connecting. Can anybody help. I’m really at sea with this and don’t really understand what I’m being asked to do by the ISP (ukwebsolutionsdirect) who will only communicate by email. Thanks in advance.

Who is your hosting company?

That is usually what’s call “FTPS”, and can be a bit fussy to get set up. It can get tricky with firewalls as mandates the use of two ports, one being non-standard. Most good firewalls shut down ports not normally used as it’s often an easy hacker trick.

If your hosting company offers SFTP( SSH File Transfer Protocol), I’d recommend using it. It’s much easier to get and keep running. It’s by far the most reliable and faster protocols, and the security is about as good as it gets.

SFTP transfers your files over SSH, the same Secure SHell that your hosting companies administers use to manage your server. It uses RSA keypairs for security, not an SSL certificate.

Agree with your hosting company, no one should be using plain FTP, in fact my servers don’t even has a standard FTP hosting app running on them.

FTP was developed over a decade before the Internet, and was designed for private networks. The username and password are sent totally in the clear and makes your website very simple for hacking.


Many Thanks Teefers, thats all really helpful. Will attempt to find a new hosting package allowing SFTP.

I had a similar problem with SFTP last week. It all started around the same time that Hurricane Ida hit the southern coast of the US. A couple of days of not being to upload any files at all before slowly resuming a normal connection. I use Go Daddy BTW.

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