Changing order of nav bar and site title/tag line in Baukraft theme

Hi-exploring new territory here. Trying to place the nav bar underneath my site title and tag line. Have looked everywhere it seems and still cannot figure this out. I’m using the latest version of RapidWeaver. Thanks for any assistance you may provide!

Hi Nanci, here’s my advice. If your theme doesn’t offer an option for different nav bar position in the styles settings, try to find a new theme that looks more like what you are looking for. There are a lot of third party alternatives. You could be able to move the nav bar with some javascript “hacking” or by modifying the theme files yourself but these are advanced methods and I’d still not recommend them as it’s easier to just find another theme. There are some very “free form themes” also that allow you to build your site just as you please with stacks (Foundation, BlueBall, BootSnap).

THANK YOU! Your advice is very helpful!