CloudFlare interfering with Stacks

I’ve run into this issue a few times and was wondering if anyone else had found a workaround.

Running RW6 and S3 with a free CF account.

On various stacks (Light Page by NCD, Sections by Big White Duck, and others), the site previews fine in RW, but on publishing doesn’t display on the live site. Area where stack should display simply loads blank. The remedy is to pause the website in CF, but then you lose all of the benefits of CF.

I’ve disabled auto-minify JS, as other threads have suggested, but that doesn’t seem to universally work.

Any ideas about which setting causes this issue?

Hey @casualpilot,

I think this might be the option you’re after in CloudFlare: "Force" page's refresh after website update

Hope that helps,


Thanks for the thought! I’ve purged the cache in CF and locally on the browser. It fixes some unresolved issues, but some stacks still don’t display.

@casualpilot I’m sure that this is a cache issue as @ElliotEKJ says. I run all the Sections stack demo pages through cloud flare and everything is fine.


Thanks for the help so far!

I’ve resolved the Sections issue. I was chasing a ghost in layers of browser caches.

I’m going to reach out to the individual developers with specific issues.

On the whole, it seems like asking CF to not minify JS resolved most issues.

Some stacks do seem to break with certain options inside CloudFlare. I find that minifying javascript breaks formatting on iMac Stage for example but all my Foundation stacks have been fine. In the past I have also run into problems due to conflicts between my own server and CloudFlare, so if you do want to use CloudFlare I find it works best if your own server is bulk standard without any special tweaks.

For all of you CloudFlare users: you may be interested in this information from Wikipedia (Controversies).

On the whole, it seems like asking CF to not minify JS resolved most issues.

This may be due to the fact that the JS is already minified in many stacks and minifying twice can cause problems.

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