Best CMS system?


(bart vosters) #1

I’m looking for a (CMS) plugin that enables my clients to ad pages to their site by themselves without my help.

Is there a plugin or stack that makes this possible ?

(Rob Beattie) #2

I think the only plugins that allow you to do this are

  1. Armadillo - but I get the feeling it’s an older feature and not emphasised as much as the blogging aspect these days
  2. Pulse CMS

There are lots of other options but they don’t allow clients to add new pages. (By the way, I think this is a good idea - clients should concentrate on content, not adding new, ‘designed’ pages).


(bart vosters) #3

I agree but sometimes it can be useful … for example when new products have arrived for their store. At that moment it would be easy for the client to add a page template I’ve made before. They just have to add text and a picture for the new product.

(steve bee) #4

Yep, armadillo. The pages feature works a treat. I’ve quite a few cms sites out there with clients who are happily growing them using it.

It is wise to setup a secondary menu for the new pages though, as I’ve found adding them to theme menus troublesome.

Armadillo gets little mention nowadays, possible because the dev doesn’t shout about it or claim it’ll make your penis bigger, like some of the other “sexy” ones do, but it’s rock solid and still (Imo) the only logical one out there.

I hear Pulse 5 from @yuzool is going to be a game changer though, so might be worth checking out too.

(Jannis from inStacks Software) #5

Yes, it will be. More infos soon :sunglasses:

(Doug Bennett) #6

(Michael Frankland) #7

Yes it will be :sunglasses:

To answer your question @Bartje: Pulse 4 users can add pages by themselves.

And there’s quite a few cool things coming in the next version as @SteveB mentioned. We’re already in BETA2 and not far away. And the Stacks are shaping up nicely and being carefully crafted by Mr @instacks himself :slight_smile:

(steve bee) #8

Sounds interesting.

I have a few cms sites botched together using other systems, all are badly in need of an update, but I’m waiting to see what framework I’ll be using going forward for Pulse 5 to launch before making any decisions.

I might need to be buying back into the club :wink:

(Nick Cates) #9

If we’re just talking product pages, you can setup a Cartloom product group, and drag that into RapidWeaver - and be done. From there, your client can use the Cartloom online admin to elegantly add new and edit current products, and those changes will be instantly live in RapidWeaver and on the published site.

Not to mention the vast sea of other selling features that comes with Cartloom :smiley:

(Nick Cates) #10

I will also be releasing a new CMS next week, featuring direct page editing and Cartloom product adding. But if you truly need client ability for new pages, I believe Pulse CMS is your best option.

(Jonathan Head) #11

@Bartje Feel free to reach out if you have any questions about Armadillo’s ability to create pages. @robbeattie is right that it’s a lesser known feature as there don’t seem to be as many people who need it compared to blogging, but I do consider it key functionality and would love any feedback on how we can improve it further.

(Bob Afifi) #12

Best CMS? That really depends on scale (among other things). For med/large sites, RapidWeaver would not be my choice - that’s for sure. WordPress, Drupal (and many other open-source free CMS platforms) are much better equipped than RapidWeaver to handle the job.

(Joe Workman) #13

Total CMS’s blog feature can work as well. Since each blog post has its own unique content, there is no reason that you could not use it for adding pages to the site. You would have to get creative if we wanted to add those pages to a menu. However, there are many ways that this could be accomplished, its not something that is “out of the box” though.

(Bob Kirk) #14

What’s missing from this discussion is pricing.
Armadill0 $40
TotalCMS $99/site
PulseCMS $195/site or $297/year subscription for mutiple sites.

Please correct me if I’m incorrect.

I don’t know they are direct competitors?

(Bob Afifi) #15

That looks right Bob (which is why I rolled my own)

(Stuart Marshall) #16

Actually, you can pay $297 for Pulse CMS and use that for multiple sites forever. This also gets you 12 months of support and updates. The sites etc will continue to work and you can add new sites even after that year. You only need to pay $297/year if you want to continue to receive major updates.

I’m sure this is right. @yuzool can correct me if not.

Pulse 5 looks really good so worth looking out for that when it lands.

(Rob Beattie) #17

Don’t forget there are others as well.

Easy CMS is $50 one off fee and - I think - is really quite powerful.
SeyDesign Sentry is £20.00 one off and looks good for editing text and photos
Kuler Edits 2.0 is $19.00 one off and looks to have a similar feature set to Sentry


(steve bee) #18

2nd Sentry. Not exactly a CMS, but it allows the editing of content within any stack. It’s simple but really powerful. I\s say it’s in use, in either a big or small way, on almost all my sites.

The only real drawback to it (and it’s as much as feature as a drawback) is it uses a “flat database”, I think is the term. In that, there is no database to setup, all updates are stored within the stack files on the server. I say this is a minor drawback as a couple of times I’ve been caught out by my fondness for clearing out the server entirely and re-publishing entire sites, but forgetting to save the Sentry files on the server beforehand. Result… All edited content is lost!

Sentry is a “lite” version of Cotent in Armadillo (both stacks originally developed by the same person). Armadillo has the exact same feature, called “Content”, but the contents are stored in a database.

But ya, Sentry is brilliant.

(Michael Frankland) #19

Brilliant synopsis @mallow76 and better than I’ve ever done - I’ll look at rewording the site! :slight_smile:


Armadillo is a great option and reasonably priced. Jonathan is always available to help if you run into trouble. His service is second to none. He spent at least an hour holding my hand. His patience and expertise are second to none.

I can’t compare it to anything else as I never used anything else.