Fa-fade - fade in delay limit?

I’m using code form Multithemes Lode Theme which I own. The code looks like this: <center><p class="fa-max-125 font-6 fa-fade-200 fa-inline-block">Lash-</p> </center>
If I change the fade-in time to 300, then it does not work. So I wonder, is there a limit to the delay for fade in?

Here’s my page:

Thanks @mastermix. My test site is a work in progress. I continue to changes to the code to test. I’ve gotten a bit further along with understanding the fade in delay. It appears that Awesome Font Plus Code is built into the theme, and certain settings need to be used. I found info in Lode Theme demo project that says this:

PLUS code (awesome font) all major classes
fade in (100/150/200/250)

Any fade in time delay setting I try other than one between 50 and 250 in 50 increments does not work, or does not work correctly, so I am sticking to the specified settings and it’s working now.