Code to make Disqus background a different color than the Poster page

(Lisa Sandler) #1

Hello to my coders-
Looking for code to make the Disqus background color different than the page it is on in Poster Stack. I had added a red line in-between the post and Disqus but wish to make the background color different.
Bottom of the page:
thanks, Lisa

(Doug Bennett) #2


section#conversation {
    background: red;

Change the color

(scott williams) #3

or if you want all the way up to the line
#disqus_thread {
background: whatever you want;

but then you will want a few px of padding as well (just a guess :grinning:)

(Lisa Sandler) #4

Doug- Your code did not work, but Scott yours is working, thanks. I had some other code already for the #disqus_thread so I was able to add that in.
thanks again, Lisa