Columned Lists in Rapidweaver 7

I am a beginner on Rapidweaver (but have previous experience using iWeb and Dreamweaver) and am wanting to make list of 9 items on a website page (with each item consisting of a title on one line and the address of the item on a line underneath. As an alternative to using up 18 lines in the list - I want to set up a 3 x 3 grid - as per the attached pdf. Can someone tell me how to do this.

First thing to do would be to get the Stacks Plugin by Yourhead. Then use a 3 column stack (in fact, use 3 3 column stacks stacked on top of each other) and it is easy to do.

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Hi - and thank you for your prompt response. Just to confirm when I went to the Stacks link you provided I was given two options - a “free download” and the option to buy Stacks. Can I get away with the free download - or do I need to get the paid version. Thanks again.

The free download is just to try it out.

1 Like - When you start using consider Responsive stacks also, such as Responsive Grid. Just one of many available responsive stacks.