Community site reviews

@ben Firstly apologies if I am missing a formal way to do this on the community site.

Please can you remove this review. It’s inaccurate and damming. This customer is very mixed up.

EDIT: Don’t worry, just removed the Addon completely. This review made Doobox out as a scam company to be avoided and reflected very badly on the entire business.

A response would have been better than to simply remove the addon…

You could have responded and corrected the reviewer and asked for them to change their review.
Now people searching the addons website will not find this stack :frowning:


@dan I did respond. It was posted, and you could see that the reviewer responded to my response, but after a day my response was removed, making the reviewers response to my response out of context. My response was not at all argumentative, just factual, stating that we have never ever displayed a list of compatible themes anywhere (as the reviewer stated, and made believe I had since took said list down). And that you could not really expect a stack to move something to the sidebar in a page without a sidebar. Not really sure if my response was removed or if this is a bug in the community site.