Conceptual help - Dup temp pages w/ social media Share (iFrame?)

I run a site that has about 1500 articles. One of these articles is ran on the front page of the site each day. Thus, I have the original article, plus, it can appear on the front page (as a dup) for a single day.

The problem is this: The “real” permanent pages have social media Share/Like buttons on them. But I don’t want the temporary Home page to be “shared,” I want the “permanent” article to be the one “shared.”

How can I manage this? In other words, my front page main content needs to be a “window” to the “real” article, not a duplicate of it.

Is an “iFrame” my answer? Any RW add-ons that would help?

How nice it be to have a stack with a checkbox “put this main content in home page main content.”!!!

I found these possible solutions. Still would like input from RW community.