Connect to mysql/mariadb

I am currently using a Weavium Stack called Gsheet that connects me to an excel file hosted on Google Drive and displays the logs and fields according to the attached images.

Is there any way (any stack) that allows me to do the same job but connected to a mysql or mariadb database ?

So I’ve investigated the “MYSql Stack Set” and “SimpleCRUD Stack” from “Kuller Solutions” ( seems promising but unfortunately something is wrong with the site because it doesn’t allow to buy. Also it seems to me that the development is stalled.

Any suggestions that would allow me to connect to a database and get an end result similar to what I can using “Gsheet from Weavium” ??

Best Regards

Jorge Peixinho

Search for EasyDB by by @Bill Stack-its

Perhaps airtable by @timdietrich

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