Consistent Crash in Stacks Poster with Image stack

Everytime I put an image into my stack and then label the image content and alt tag and PRESS return Rapidweaver crashes 100% of the time. Pressing on the done button works fine. Not sure if Catalina, stacks, Poster or image stack prob or combo… thoughts?

Doesn’t crash if I don’t enter any text in the fields. Entering words with underscores in the title.

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I’m not seeing this – I suspect I’m doing something subtly different.

Can you tell me exactly what I need to have and what I need to do to see the crash happen?

image 500 x 500 in a stack. Open the and type in info in title and alt tag. Here is my stack build up as an image. Images are jpg.

Here is a gif (warning – this will probably take a long time to load) of changing the name and pressing return at the end – with no crash. I can do this again and again with no problems.

It is likely that the crash is much more specific than you realize. It can be hard to appreciate how elusive a crash can be when you stumble over it again and again yourself. :smiley:

We need to find out what differs between what I’ve done and what you’ve done. If you notice anything in my movie that’s different than what you do, please let me know what it is.

Here are a few things that might help us understand the crash better:

  • the crash report.
  • version numbers of RW, Stacks, and macOS.
  • the exact text you type into each box.
  • the order that you type it.
  • the image that you’re using.
  • do you finish by typing Return or the Enter key on the number pad.

most of these details will be extraneous, but there is some detail that essential that we currently don’t have. when we find it i’ll be able to see the bug and hopefully fix it. :smiley:

THANKS for your response. Here is my video and crash report:



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the devil is indeed in the details. it’s essential to press return while the cursor is still actively editing the Alt Text – something I apparently never do. LOL.

it always amazed me how a huge bug can hide in such plain site.

anyway, i was able to duplicate the bug – which means i can probably fix this one easily (i hope).

here’s a link to the item in my bug tracker in case you’d like to track the bug and follow along with changes or be notified when it’s repaired.

for now, i’d recommend clicking outside of the alt-tag text field before you press return to dismiss the image editing view. this seems to avoid the crash in my experience.


I had to break the habit of hitting the return key after doing the same thing. I have found saving first and then hitting the enter key keeps you from crashing.

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