Problem with Iris theme

I’m using Iris by @nickcates for my pro photography website. I’ve used other themes with varying success but wanted a clean look. The problem I’m having is with the menu overwriting the site title on internet explorer. It’s fine on safari and chrome. Can anyone help?

The site is

I wanted to upload a screenshot but can’t see how…



managed to upload a pic instead. As you can see it looks awful in the menu area, but only on IE!

I see the issue, looking into it right now.

Might have a fix. If using RW7, go Settings > General > Advanced. Then disable “Consolidate CSS Files”, and disable “Minify CSS and Javascript”. IF using RW6, just go Settings > Advanced, then disable “Consolidate CSS Files”.

Once this is done, go File > Re Publish All Files

Thanks @nickcates I’ll give it a go, but am I right in thinking consolidating and minifying CSS will be Google unfriendly? The SEO auditor I use to check the site over drops my search engine friendliness if CSS is ‘disorganised’.

I hear ya Chris. With a few of my themes, Consolidate CSS files must be disabled for IE to render correctly, this is an optional RapidWeaver function, and I have no control over how it works. In a perfect world, the original code I write to work in all browsers would STILL work when Consolidate CSS is being used.

@nickcates I’ve changed the CSS settings and it has messed everything up totally. Have a look and you’ll see what I mean the logo has been replaced with a picture from the super flex slide show, and the menu is above the heading. Help please :slight_smile:

Welp, there’s another RW feature to disable now, Settings > General > Advanced. Disable “Generate Cache Busting Links”.


If it helps, I use Nick’s Writer theme and run into a similar issue with the nav when using RW7’s consolidate function. I have found success putting the site on CloudFlare’s free plan and letting it handle the CSS mini fixation. I don’t let CF minify JS because I’ve found too many conflicts with various stacks to trust it. I’m with you… I want a consistent display across all browsers in the best possible way. Sometimes that means giving up some ground, but I value UX above any single SEO tip.

@nickcates I am trying to publish my website using the IRIS theme, yet there is an error. “Error: You have specified to use a banner but have not provided one. Try adding the site banner to the site setup area again.” I cannot locate the problem.
Help please!

Hey Josh, I beleive I’ve emailed you on this. But for anyone else experiencing the export issue, please update to Iris 1.4.2 to fix this, thank you.