Contact Form Causing issues? Or 522 errors

I use @Doobox Contact Form stack on my site and it WAS working but recently (probably something I did) it wasn’t sending me contacts.
I’ve been in communication with Doobox and thought maybe it was issues with 522 errors. However, my host said there’s not 522 errors.
:confused: :confused:
So I deleted the Contact Form stack and put in a new one. Now I’m getting inconsistent results with it on different browsers.
See the attachments for how they’re looking on different browsers.
Stack is working on Firefox but not Safari/Chrome
I’m using the Codex theme from @michaeldaviddesign and, though it looks good, has been buggy.

ugh. please help

Your host didn’t look very hard, there are many (see attached).
Two extremely important files are not loaded for the stacks plugin (both jquery). Nothing that needs those files will work.

PS: I think you just need to clear the browser cache in safari, it does not look wrong like that for me in safari.

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As I know your using Cloudflare, 522 errors:’Connection,web%20server%20and%20Cloudflare%20fails.&text=Due%20to%20the%20high%20usage,most%20common%20browser%20error%20messages.

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Will try that. Thanks again, Gary.

what browser were you using, Gary?

Safari and chrome (both yield the same results)
Safari in the screen grab.

From my host (mac highway)…

We have gone through your issue in detail. The reported issue is related to the website code. In-order to rectify this code related issue, can you please contact your web-developer for this.

First off, I would turn off CloudFlare. The 522 errors are non-standard http errors for a gateway timeout from CloudFlare, Meaning the host (MacHighway) is timing out on the request from CloudFlare.

I didn’t see a URL above?

Hard to get help with something like this without a URL.

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I received your contact form submission, thanks.

Site is

Also, I do my ssl through cloudflare. Won’t turning that off kill my ‘https?’

You https has mixed content errors, non of the themes google fonts are loading.

Also you don’t have a CloudFlare rule setup so still works.

But turning off CloudFare for now might help debug the issue.

But you got javascript errors.

I don’t have time right now to go through everything but it looks like you’ve got 3 different versions of jQuery being loaded.

The theme is loading one, and stacks are loading another and jplayer(?) is loading a 3rd. I don’t know if this is causing the issue, but the errors need to get addressed.

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turned off CloudFlare and still seeing errors.

I’m wondering if I just trash everything on the server side in the public_html folder and (slow) republish?

turned off CloudFlare and still seeing errors.

You sure about that?

Also… you have a combination of 522 and 404 errors. The 404s are plain-old-vanilla missing resources which may/may not be rectified by a republish. The 522’s are usually a timeout in the TCP handshake between CloudFlare and your host. When I do a GET for a single resource which is currently returning the 522 I get:

Are you able to change the name servers back to whatever they were before Cloudflare? Your ISP will normally provide you with default DNS nameserver info (check with your ISP).

I suggest that you:

  • Turn off Cloudflare fully - get the DNS to resolve directly to your host.
  • Test your site fully. Identify and resolve any 404’s or any thing else. As previously stated by expert, any other content in your site which depends on the impacted content cannot be expected to work properly.
  • Once you are certain that all errors are resolved, then you can turn Cloudflare back on and re-test.

Note that it can take a while for DNS propagation to complete when turning on/turning off Cloudflare.

There is no point in drawing attention to contact forms or any other part of your site which does not appear to be working properly until all these malfunctions are cleared.

Looks like MacHighway name servers are:

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I’m not seeing any 522’s like the screenshot above.

If it was me I’d probably setup a simple test page with nothing on, but the contact form.

I’d also probably pick a simple currently supported theme.

Then I’d test it and get the form working. That would make it easier to debug the form and the sending of the email.

And when I say nothing else I mean nothing else, that includes any and all code like the “google” stuff.

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