Container line stack

Hi, I’m building a site with foundry. I used container with slides inside it, only that, on the construction page, the container line appears but I no longer see the slide stack. How can I do to open the container line?

Elixir does answer threads here but you might get a faster response at

@rolisize – That is definitely not the case. I’m faster to reply on the Elixir forum, as I check it far more, but I do answer here as well.

As for @claudiope’s question – I’m not sure I understanding what you’re asking. Do you have a project file you can share with us so we can see what you’re referring to? That and some screenshots would help. I don’t suspect this is a bug or problem, but sound more like growing pains of learning something new, so I suspect either myself or someone here will be able to set you on the right path forward.

I solved: I had hidden the container by mistake from the command bar. Thanks for the answers.

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Glad to hear you got it sorted. Always feels good to discover it, right?! That eureka moment feels good.

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