Contributors to websites

Is there any way to add a secure login portal and contributors so they can augment the site or add to the content other than just sharing rapidweaver files. Something like what squarespace has for blog posts and contributors. Something that can have permissions set? If not where can I find a builder that would do this? Thanks!

Armadillo would be able to do that, I think. It has the ability to add/edit users and what portions of the site/blog they can update or add content to.

You can do it with Easy or TotalCms as well.

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I don’t know how Easy or TotalCMS work in this regards … but Armadillo is quite wonderful in how it handles multiple contributors. When folks login they only see the posts/pages they can edit all in one place (they don’t need to visit various pages to edit). It works very nicely to help orient users, especially when some of them may be “organizationally challenged”. :slight_smile:

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