CosCulture Collapsible stack weird problem

I have a strange problem I have narrowed down but can’t figure out.

I have numerous CosCulture Collapsible stacks on the same page, and they are all configured the same (as far as I looked - which is pretty far) but two of them are causing grief.

I have found that the Title of each Collapsible stack is very finicky and if it is not set correctly, it will render any Collapsible stacks below it invisible. One thing to totally avoid is an apostrophe in the Title of a Collapsible stack.

This goes beyond my comprehension though because the two troublesome Collapsible stacks have no apostrophe or any other special character for that matter, but they are two words each. That should not be a problem because many of the Collapsible stacks on the same page are two (or more) words.

So, I have partially solved this problem - but in doing so, created another problem.

To solve it, I took the space out of the two word titles to make them one word. They are Vivid Taxidermy (VividTaxidermy) and Scorpion Scopes (ScorpionScopes). So that is fine, they become visible when I do that but as soon as I do that, it breaks the background colour invisibility. When they are named correctly (two words) all the rest of the Collapsible stacks have a transparent background (no colour) so the background photo on the page shows through.

As soon a I make the word a single word, the offending stack becomes visible, but so does the background colour of every stack on the page become visible (the transparency goes away).

The two affected Collapsible stacks are Vivid Taxidermy (or VividTaxidermy) and Scorpion Scopes (ScorpionScopes). I have left one page visible on the website and made the other a hidden page. They are at live page, and hidden page.

The live page has Vivid Taxidermy on it (at the very bottom) and the hidden page has Scorpion Scopes on it at the very bottom. I have removed one of the offending stacks from each page to eliminate some weird cross reference problem, but even without the other ‘bad’ stack, the two stacks still cause grief.

If it helps, I can create a new project with just these two pages in it and send it along for somebody smarter than I am to try to diagnose.

The theme is Blueball Freestack Responsive and I am using RW 6.3.4 on Mac OS X 10.10.5.

Any insight would be fantastic, I have spent the last 3 hours figuring out the problem to this point but the final solution eludes me. What the desired outcome is would be to have the stacks visible and the background colour gone (transparent) like the live page is.

Many thanks if anyone wants to tackle this or has any other ideas.

Further to this… on the live page, the Vivid Taxidermy stack is named with two words but it is invisible, and on the hidden page, the Scorpion scopes stack is named with one word, and is visible but the background colour is white on all of the stacks on the page.


Just leaving for work, so not had time to look at the issue with spaces between words in links etc. But with regard to the white background problem try this:

.dijitTitlePaneContentOuter {
	background: none !important;

I’ll look at the other problem tonight when I get home unless someone else helps in the meantime.

Super quick look at the vivid taxidermy area:

Look at the style directive in the stack html:

<div id="stacks_in_1089_page10" data-dojo-type="dijit.TitlePane" data-dojo-props="title: 'dermy', o" **style="/* display: none; */"**>