Couldn't posix_spawn: error 9 when trying to preview RW6.0.6

RW 6.0.6
“Couldn’t posix_spawn: error 9”

OK so I’m losing my mind with a client’s site. Had been using RW 5 for ages and bought RW6 back in February 2015 only not to use it yet. The publishing issues I’m having with RW 5 forced my hand to open up, set up and play around with RW6 and I’m getting this stupid error. I also cannot for some reason check for updates. I’m totally lost.

I made sure ALL my plugins, themes and stacks are up to date.
I am trying out the demo version of the Sentry stack and it’s supposed to be fully functional. The support there says the issue is not them. So here I am. I need to be able to preview within the RW app.

I am making a two page simple test to throw into a folder to see if my client can handle the Sentry stack set up.
I follow all the instructions on the PDF for Sentry and when I am satisfied, I hit the preview button on top and I get this:

When I try to publish I get the same thing.
SO I try to save and I get the same nonsense.
I go to File > export site It gives me the same grief:

BUT the files are there in the folder I made. So I open my FTP and drop them to the server. It’s there. It functions BUT this is NOT how I want to do things and if I go and add more to the site it does not save the changes when I try to manually upload them. I have / had to do this process no less than 5 times to get the items to export to the folder for manual upload, which I have not done yet. I just wanted to get it all saved.

When I hit save I get that posix_spawn error.

SO I double check all my stacks are up to date. Check.
I make sure my publishing settings are correct. Check.
I go and try to check for updates for RW6 and what do I get? This:

Now, know this, when the Sentry stack is NOT on the site, it all works fine. As soon as I take Sentry out, it breaks and I get all that nonsense above EXCEPT it still will not check for updates without error for RW.

When contacting support for Sentry they showed me this link and I assure you these are not the same errors I’m getting. They also claim this is an RW issue and not Sentry stack. Preview doesn't work - #12 by Cylidd

I started this thread yesterday and that’s what got me starting to play with RW6 and go for that Sentry stack and rebuild from scratch: RW 5 constantly crashing - can't upload

You know that the latest RW6 version is 6.4.0?

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Yeah I knew it could use an update, I posted the update link was not working.

Thank you for the link. I bookmarked it - Updated RW6, tested and it seems to be working now except for publishing through the application, which I’ll play around with more in-depth over the weekend.