Crash on Multiple Stack Copy and Paste


Long time since I visited the forum. Happy New Year everyone.

I experience a crash to desktop if I select a large number of stacks then paste them to another area or page (or even another project).

It’s difficult to say exactly what number of stacks causes this crash.
Likely it’s a quite a few because I’ll have plenty of ‘stacked’ stacks in the clipboard, so, probably from a dozen upwards.

It’s annoying though, especially if I haven’t saved prior and the only way around it is to do multiple operations of say copy/pasting 10 stacks or less to ensure stability.

The functionality of doing multiple stack copy and pasting is really useful in my workflow.

Any thoughts?


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As a work around until the cause is resolved, try putting those stacks in a partial and copy the partial over.

At the “destination”, you can unpack the partial to have seperate stacks again if required (or just leave it as a partial if that works for you).


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Hey, Ric,

Are you using a 3rd party clipboard app for copy/paste or you’re just using macOS’s clipboard?

Hi Rovertek

I’m physically using cmd C and cmd V to actually copy and paste but I do have 'Copy 'Em ’ running.
And I have and do use 'Copy 'Em sometimes with Rapidweaver successfully for copying.

You might have something here.
I just assumed the problem was with RW and the large number of stacks causing problems.
Seeing as no-one here has confirmed the same problem maybe it’s me.
I’ll have a play later without Copy 'Em running.

This is just IMO…the only time I have seen this is when the system is running short on memory.

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As @joemart1951 states, I also think a lack of RAM can be the problem. Have you tried drag and drop? Works perfectly between 2 RW projects. Drag them one by one instead of the whole bunch at once.


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