Crashing on Publish

(Josh Brown) #1

I only have this problem on 1 particular theme, Michale Davids Ebb and Flow. When I publish RW crashed. Its annoying. I have contacted MDD and they cannot duplicate the issue, help?

(Marco Almeida) #2

I got that problem fixed by installing the 6.3.5 latest beta.

(Josh Brown) #3

how do I get my hands on the beta versions?

(Marco Almeida) #4

(Josh Brown) #5

Didn’t fix my issue.

(Nik Fletcher) #6

Are you submitting the crash logs, and including the email address associated with your forum account? Is there a particular plugin in this project that may be causing the issue?


(Josh Brown) #7

I don’t know about the pluggin, nothing that I don’t have on my other sites. I have submitted several of the crash reports but I can’t find a way to contact Realmac directly.

(Nik Fletcher) #8

When submitting the crash logs, do you include the email address associated with your forum account?

When you contact us, please include a copy of the project file so we can take a look at the issue!