Curtains 3 now available

Curtains adds a simple animated curtain-loading effect to webpages. Although a somewhat gimmicky feature, Curtains is a fun effect to use on more informal websites. And built-in cookie tracking means that it’s possible to have the effect run only once, within a defined period of time.


Curtains is derived from version 1 of the ‘Fancy Intro’ stack by Tsooj Media. Fancy Intro still exists today, and will itself be getting a major update shortly.

A couple of people commented they liked the original ‘curtains’ effect offered in older versions of Fancy Intro. So we made a branch from the old Fancy Intro stack, updated things and developed this newer Curtains stack. Along with a name change, the following changes in Curtains 3 include…

  • Simplified the editing interface, for quicker and easier setup of the stack
  • Renamed and regrouped some settings
  • Updated some of the informational tooltips
  • Added support for dragged-and-dropped and warehoused image curtain backgrounds
  • Converted old ‘input’ settings into conventional number boxes
  • Added support for automatic updates
  • All colour pickers now support RGBa opacity
  • Curtains no longer display in print or PDF output
  • Removed some of the older browser hacks and prefixes

Curtains is now provided as a free stack. But if you find it useful or have support questions, you can make a contribution here. Curtains 3 requires Stacks 3 or newer.

If you are looking for a page loading effect that is even more sophisticated and supports two lines of text, keep an eye open for the updated FancyIntro stack landing any day now! :grinning: