Introducing FancyIntro 3

(Will Woodgate) #1

Like a key to unlock the door to secret room, FancyIntro adds a certain degree of ‘suspense’ to the opening and revealing of a webpage. Supporting two lines of text (or images) and a bountiful array of style options; you are sure to find FancyIntro both a fun and easy stack to use in many projects. Built-in cookie tracking means it’s possible to have the intro effect only run once, and not persistently appear each time a user opens a website. FancyIntro is a great way to welcome people to your website, grab their attention and instantly immerse them into your content.


FancyIntro is the latest Tsooj Media stack to be updated and moved to Stacks4Stacks. This version retains the same splitting / sliding effect as version 2 did. However many more enhancements have been made towards making this stack easier, faster and more customisable to use…

  • Tidied the editing interface and removed surplus settings that were no longer required
  • Regrouped and renamed several settings. Some stack settings have new informational tooltips
  • Support for images, markdown or HTML content; in addition to the existing styled text support
  • Animation settings now make use of number input boxes
  • All colour pickers support RGBa opacity
  • Support for automatic stack updates; combined with new help and info links
  • Written content can now receive bold, italicised or underline text styling
  • New font size and letter spacing settings
  • The vertical positioning of content can now be customised using the ‘offset’ option
  • Added the ability to specify the upper and lower content styling independently
  • New content alignment options, for the upper and lower content
  • Removed some surplus browser hacks and polyfills that are no longer required
  • Fixed some compatibility issues, particularly in addons like Foundations
  • Fixed some HTML5 validation errors

Please note that the minimum system requirements of FancyIntro have changed. This stack now requires a minimum of Stacks 3 and RapidWeaver 6.

This is a free update for anybody who’s purchased the FancyIntro stack on or after 1st January 2016 - download the update from your Paddle account or get in contact by email with a copy of your purchase details attached.

If you’re an older customer of the stack or new to FancyIntro, take advantage of our 50% reintroduction discount. Throughout the month of August 2017, FancyIntro 3 can be purchased at 50% off - no coupon code necessary (the discounted price is shown on the website and at the checkout). As always, be sure to download and try the free demo version first.

(Will Woodgate) #2

Version 3.1.0

  • Fixed support for automatic updates in Stacks 3.5 (a manual update is required to re-sign the stack)
  • Fixed a potential issue that could cause Stacks 3.5 to hang when switching between image sources
  • Lower content text now has a smaller font size (26px) by default
  • 10px padding applied on the left and righthand sides of the content
  • Added some CSS to rescale images in weaker themes that lack support for responsive images
  • If a user comes to the page with Javascript disabled, FancyIntro is disabled
  • Print styles to ensure FancyIntro is always disabled on print and PDF output
  • You can now set the height of the intro line, in the middle
  • Added a breakpoint setting, to optionally hide FancyIntro on smaller screen widths

(Graham Jackson) #3

Sent you an email @willwood re updating my Fancy/Intro stack. I use this stack on my walking blog and it’s very effective.

(Konstantijn Van Calster) #4

Instant purchase :smiley: