Default Page Numbers

Once you have renamed a page, is there a quick way to find the original default number given to the page by RW?

Once you rename the page…all reference to the page1, etc. are not kept and shouldn’t be.

Thanks - the reason I ask is that some plugins continue to refer to them so for troubleshooting purposes I need to know which page number correlates with which titled page

May I ask what plugins?

I’ve seen it a couple of times but right now it’s the Go CMS plugin that I have an issue with. The Data file on the sever has a number of .gzip compressed archives and they all use page0, page1, page2 etc rather than the names I have given. Hence I believe that somewhere deep in RW, these default page numbers remain in use.

Did you change in navigation and the heads up…

When I do that…there is no reference to the Page0 etc…and there shouldn’t be.
All of my pages are index.html or index.php Nothing else!!!

Yes - rename the Folder with something meaningful and Page name is index.php on this project.

Ok…I do not use CMS…

No worries - I have seen it happen somewhere else but really can’t rember where. maybe another CMS. Thanks for the input.

The names you listed “page0, page1, page2” wouldn’t be the folder names that RW used

RapidWeaver starts with “page” and then the next one is “page-2” (with a dash and no page-1).

I don’t know all the internals of a RW project file, but there is contents.plist that has a Dictionary item called PublishingManifests that has a sub-dictionary field called PageID that has those names :page0(usually home), page1, page2. Right below that is the assigned folder name in a field called SiteRoot.

Make a copy of the project first and work with the copy

You can open the RW project file by right clicking it and selecting “show Package Contents”:

Then you will get a finder’s window like this:

Now you can open a plist with any good text editior and find what you are looking for, but I use plist Edit Pro,

Don’t know if it’s the same ID goCMS uses but work a look.


That’s great - many thanks

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