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(ann regis) #1

Finally upgraded & successfully migrated site into latest RW7. Everything intact.

Having a problem with lack of page numbers. Ex: I duplicate a page, then drag/drop (nest) that copy under another (main) page. When I look at the page inspector, under Meta there is no page # given. It’s blank.

In RW6, I’d get a number (‘page 36’) & could then set link (site.com/mainpage4/page36).

Is there a manual that addresses this? Do I need to look in another menu? A drop-down menu I’m missing? Glitch w/old site? Should I re-build in RW7? Altho everything else seems to be working fine & have had no publishing issues.

Appreciate any help.

(scott williams) #2

That comes from the folder name in the page UI.
Just an FYI… You should not be using the default PageXX for folder names anyway. You should be renaming them to something meaningful and better for SEO.

(ann regis) #3

thx scott -
gd point & will adress folder names & seo -

but where do I find ‘page UI’? not a techie but googled and guess UI = updated icons?


(scott williams) #4

the page inspector user interface in RW

(ann regis) #5

thx - that’s what I’ve been looking at/referring to -

att’d 2 snaps of what I see when I look at PI of current RW7 site -

‘original’ is what I see when I look at a page from RW6 project imported to RW7 - says ‘page36’ which is correct link - & I’ve gotten a page number from all the previous/older ‘nested’ pages

‘new’ is what I see when I look at a page I just ‘nested’ under same heading - no page #?

is there a drop down menu I need to locate to get the #?

(scott williams) #6

just change the folder name to what you want it to be

(ann regis) #7

thx for your help scott -


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