Delete Rapidweaver 7 now that I have Rapidweaver 8?

Currently, when I open a Rapidweaver 7 project it automatically launches Rapidweaver 8 and prompts me to “upgrade” the project to Rapidweaver 8.

Is it safe to delete Rapidweaver 7 now that I have Rapidweaver 8?

Do I need to have Rapidweaver 7 in order to open Rapidweaver 7 projects?

You shouldn’t need RW7 to open a RW7 project in RW8. I have both so I haven’t tried this, but should be easy enough to test. Just move the RW7 program from your application folder to the trash and open a RW7 project.

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I would keep RW7 in case you have any issues upgrading a project (unlikely but you never know) To open a RW 7 project in RW7, drag it to the RW7 Icon or make sure that RW8 app is closed.

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