Deleted category in blog won't go away

Using version 7.04

I spelt a category wrong, assigned it to one post, saw the error, deleted the category, responded to the dialogue box about the missing category by assigning the post to a different category, created a correctly spelt category, reassigned the post to the new category.

Should all be good, right?

Every time I do anything in RW, I am constantly bugged by the same dialogue box popping up asking me to pick a category for this post. The post doesn’t even exist anymore as I deleted all posts in the blog trying to clear this ridiculous pop up pest.

Short of deleting the blog altogether, any way to get rid of this annoyance?

Never mind, it finally has stopped popping up. I exited RW in frustration, made a cup of coffee, restarted RW and no pop up. The coffee did it.

Very, very annoying while it lasted.

Probably Cached somewhere.