Disappearing control panel


I had a problem crop up yesterday. I’m currently running RW 6 and I would prefer not to upgrade because of my themes and my custom formatting.

Here’s the problem. The panel that appears over the interface window that lets you set Categories, tags, and the permalink for the blog entries is gone. Is there some toggle I don’t know about?

This isn’t the Inspector panel, that stills works and toggles on and off just fine.

Out of desperation I did purchase RW 7 through the App Store. But it doesn’t have the panel either.

Okay, that was weird.

After everything I did yesterday including a complete reinstall of the software and rebooting my MacBook Air, I went to add a new blog entry explaining I might not be posting much for the next few days.

The panel popped up on the new entry.

I am seriously puzzled.

Thanks anyway.