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Hi savy tech RW person out there. Urgently need help with editor password google link recovery. I was advised to add duckduckgo to chrome for security and it wiped out all of my chrome bookmarks and passwords, analytics and more, including my link to open editor to create blog posts. I need help to recover that but also my RW for my school needs some help. https://www.purehealth.com is in service to humanity 43 years and I am a dedicated educator, mentor, healer, coach, author. I have struggled with RW and the site is internet dysfunctional, awful SEO, not very good with mobile, but when someone finds the site they love it. Presently I am in process to minimalize and create a more interactive and practical site. Urgently need help with editor password google link recovery. Have put in a request for help from RW but no answer yet and I cannot find any reference to this anywhere. Thank you. Farid

Not sure what this has to do with RapidWeaver, and I’m not a big fan of Google or chrome. But I think If you had Chrome set to synchronise to your account, then all you need to do is remove the extension you added and sign in again with the same account right?

If you aren’t set to synchronize with chrome then I’d probably do a search for something like “chrome password recovery” or “chrome bookmark recovery” and see what tools you can find.