Digital Signage

So I know this question might be a bit far out there, but what the heck, I love this forum and it’s always steered me in the right direction.
I am looking into digital signage for my storefront. I am thinking of buying a cheap large 50" tv to display a webpage as signage (obviously I would change the page to “look” more like advertising)?

  1. Many signage companies charge a monthly fee. The only fees with this are the ones I already pay through BlueHost and RapidWeaver.
  2. I want to be able to update the digital signage from my laptop wirelessly.


  1. I would like to turn the tv so it is in portrait mode, but then the website would be turned on its side! Are we able to “flip” webpages with RapidWeaver? This seems like a big hurdle.
  2. I’m not sure what the quality will look like with a web page displayed so large.

Anyone have any thoughts on this? Comments? Suggestions?
Thanks so much!

If you turn your monitor/TV into portrait-mode, you have to configure this with your graphics card. Should be no problem, some have even a shortcut for turning it 90 degrees left or right. My card (nvidia) with windowsOS was doing it with ctrl+alt+arrowKey. I hope this helps a little.

You may want to check other digital signage software perhaps:

There are better/easier ways. Pm me your email address I’ll send you some info.

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