HoverMate Issue


I am using DK Stacks HoverMate stack and have a problem where the image is showing a border on the right and bottom edge of the stack.

There is an Overlay option within the stack that is set to black and 80% and this appears to be causing the issue as if I set the Overlay to white it disappears if the image has a white background. Not a fix as I need the white text to be visible when the mouse if hovered over the image.

Example here → http://sandbox.bimotech.co.uk/tmp/

Has anyone else had this problem or know a way to fix it?

** Just noticed that this appears only to be an issue when viewing in Safari, Chrome looks ok?!



safari seems to become the new internet explorer :frowning: i noted that viewing pages in safari they are all screwed up. going to view in firefox everything seems to be allright! maybe it’s the safari version of el capitan that’s screwed up. i decided to steer my clients free and away from safari to avoid problems. but who knows, maybe the problems disappear once the site is published?
cheers, tomas

Did you find a fix for this John? I’m also having issues with Hovermate and no response from the contact page when I ask for help. Not happy. :frowning:

@Gabrielle I don’t think I did. I’m not sure what I did in the end, probably ditched the idea of using this stack.

Sorry that’s of no use to you.

Lol, looks like where you go, I follow. Thanks for the update.