Does anyone know of a 'Movie-Credit' style scrolling stack?

Is there a stack that can display scrolling text, similar to how movie credits scroll at the end of a film?

I used the ‘Scroll’ snippet from Henk Vrieselaar, though there were some limitations. The text takes a long time (almost 2-minutes) before displaying and I had difficulty using different fonts from the default. Henk is great and replied to my email explaining that he found the scrolling code several years back and adjusted it for RW use, though he didn’t have any suggestions for how I could fix my issues.

I have an example of the current attempt using Henk’s snippet at: It’s in the 6th block of the one-page site, under ‘Clients’.

Let me know if anyone knows of a scrolling text stack or suggestion.


I’m still searching for a stack that will scroll, similar to end-of-movie-screen-credits.
I posted this request in September and haven’t seen any responses yet.
Any ideas or suggestions?

This should be quite easy using css and html as swilliam says.

Take a look at this


A word of warning - the HTML ‘marquee’ tag has been obsolete and deprecated for at least 10 years:

This was something Microsoft invented during the browser wars with Netscape Navigator nearly 20 years ago. It has never been adopted as part of the web standards.

It would be very unwise to use it in a public-facing website. At best it will be really buggy - at worse it will not work at all and your website users will not see your text. Don’t waste your time with it.

You should really look at using a jQuery text scrolling effect. A quick search of Google reveals many, like this one:

It is MIT licensed. You could download the HTML, CSS and JS components and then reassemble it in RapidWeaver using my free Builder stack.


Thanks for that Will, I had no idea, just knew it worked. I will remove that post so as not to cause a prob.

No worries - I’d still give you points for suggesting it if I could! Here, have a gold star instead: :star:

I have seen some jQuery code before that can convert a marquee into something that will work with more web browsers. But it’s a lot of extra client side code to add to a page. You might as well use jQuery for more useful things - like actually scrolling text - rather than hacking browsers to support things they’re not designed to do.