Does RapidCartPro v.5.04 works with php8?

Does anyone happen to know if RCP v.5.04 works with php8?

The previous version 4.18.6 (I think that was the previous version) had problems with sending receipt emails and possibly other issues with php8 as i recall.


Hi David
Still running php7.4 with RCP v5.04 and no issues so far, that i am aware of.
Interested to know if php8 will be ok.


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Yes, that is the big question.

Thanks Gavin.

How difficult would it be to test this out?
I guess that neither of you have a test store site (testing subdomain).

If you have a site that uses RCP already, just put together a script of Test Cases.

  • make a purchase
  • customer information
  • payment method
  • order goes through with all data coming though.

Changing the PHP version should be a simple control setting.

Change the version and go through the test cases. Make sure the results come through.

If it doesn’t work then you’ll know that you will have to start looking for a replacement.


Thanks Doug - that’s a good suggestion.

After my clients hosting service switched to php8 without notifying customers, RCP v4.18.6 seemed to still work fine for the transactions, but it was not sending email receipts. So that is primarily what I have to test.

I also have to call the hosting company and see when they will end support for php7.4.