Doobox Jet Stack doesn't show any content or images

Hi why Jet Stack doesn’t show any content in my website? No images, no animation, no text … nothing !!! There is a blank space … help me please !!!

Thank you so much

Hi, Its almost impossible to help unless you give a URL to the problem site.

Jet Stack works fine in RW preview mode but not in published mode… i don’t understand why

… and neither do we. Provide a URL.

Hi @andrecreative,

WIthou a URL to the page in question we have no way to see what’s causing the problem. I’m quite sure someone will be able to help you but without seeing the issue, there is really no way to help other than just throwing out a blind guess.

maybe Filezilla is the problem now i’m trying with Transmit …

@andrecreative PLEASE post a url of the published site so those who want to help you may.

We need a STICKY post that says NEED HELP? Here’s How to get it…
Or similar…

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I identified this particular users issue as down to publishing with FileZilla, after he made contact with me. Some settings in FileZilla are not compatible with their host. The Jet stacks javascript code has clearly been corrupted in the published page. We can only guarantee publishing with Rapidweaver, as stacks have no control over anything related to publishing. Once a stack is exported with the page, it’s at the mercy of the publishing process.

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That’s true thanks !!!
I’ve tried with TRANSMIT and now works fine !!!

Thank you so much

I have notice an other issue with Jet Stack… any links doesn’t works !!!
If i delete Jet from a page … links works fine.
If i have links in my page to other pages or URL … with Jet stack in my page … NO WORKs !
Any tips please?!

There is no rhyme or reason to this. I think there is something deeper going on their. Have you a url to a page I can see the issue live please?

Yes this is URL

but now everythings work great because i’ve delete Jet from my website.
So if you click any links works great …I should reload pages on servers with jet stack to see the issue … :cry:

Ok i’ve upload just one page with JET Stack just for a while “VIDEO”…
Take a look to “youtube logo” in the main page under jet stack and try to click to “SITEMAP” or “PRIVACY” or “CONTACT ME” in Footer and you will see the issue … u can click to the links.

OK, I see the issue. I will need to see a project file containing that page, to see how you set that up in edit mode. Somehow you have the Jet stack expanded right to the bottom of the page, and as that is of a higher z-index, when your clicking your links, your actually clicking Jet, and not getting through to the links below. Sent the project to me via support, Thank’s :

You need just VIDEO FOLDER or you need my Project file?
How can i send my project ? in your support form there is no possibility to attach a file?!
I’ve rite you an email right now…

My project is 800 MB !!!

Here is a screenshot

Were only interested in that 1 page, so …

create a new project.
shrink the new project window so you can see the existing projects page tree on the left.
drag the page in question form the existing project tree to the new project tree (this makes a copy).
Save the new project to desktop.
Zip it up and send in email.