uTube stack from Stacks4Stacks not working?

I’m using the uTube stack in a pretty simple page, and it previews within RW preview just fine, but not when uploaded to my site.

Any ideas?

EDIT: Removed URL as it’s now gone.

I’ve discovered that problems I was experiencing with the Jet stack and Bell Bloy stack from Doobox, the Cycler stack from Joe Workman, and the uTube Stack from Stacks4Stacks were ALL being caused by my CloudFlare service. I did not have their ‘Rocketloader’ enabled, but I did have their ‘AutoMinify’ on for Javascript, CSS and HTML. Turning those off appears to have completely resolved ALL the issues I was having. Worth noting.

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:+1: Thanks, I’ll make a note of this in case anyone else hits the same problem. Stacks and RW already does a pretty good job at organising and tidying files, so I would be reluctant to let another service try modifying the code a second time.

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