Doobox Map 2 and BWD Popdrop

I am trying to trigger Pop Drop from a Map 2 Pin with no success. Setting Custom Attributes in a link does not work. Any suggestions will be gratefully received.

Have you got a URL? It sounds like the attributes are either incorrect or not being rendered in the code.

The map pin popups are just styled text inputs, so I think it’s just a matter of getting your required attributes set correctly. cc: @tav

Yep, if they are styled text there is no reason it should not work if the attribute is correctly entered.
@Phi - do you have it the same as per the Launching section on this page ?

I like this idea so I made a test page: Enter the passcode to login

in the code on the page the link looks like this:
<a href="javascript:void(0)" data-pop-drop="" data-popdrop-linked="reveal-04">Innovation Hub</a>

It doesn’t trigger the popdrop

link panel


that’s the map click info - PopDrop shows a photo and more info, triggered by link in the “toolTip” map Click
Hopefully @Doobox or @tav can shed some light for us - would be cool to make this work.

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Don’t know if it matters but reveal-04 seems to be an empty <div>
reveal-03 has an <h4> “Lewis General Store”, but has “target not defined” console log message.

It all looks OK except for the fact that as @teefers says - the pop drop with id of reveal-04 has no content.
The other 3 have content but you have not defined any triggers (links) for them.

there is definately content in there I have no clue whay it’s not making it to the page

Doobox Map 2 and JW Reveal work as expected:

Just to clarify that there is content in all four Pop Drops, I updated the page and added link triggers to all 4 PopDrop instances above the map.

On the map the link within the dark blue pin should trigger no.4

Thank you for confirming the problem.

Near the bottom of the page, on:
I have Map 2 and Reveal working.

Cool, glad you are going

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