Drag and drop Resources = crash RW and OS X >> fixed in RW 6.3.6!

When I pull pages from one project to another, this works wonderful.
When I do the same with resources, RW 6 crashes and the whole system (El Capitan) hangs.
The Problem Reporter hangs too.
After a few minutes, I can restart RW, but nothing happens, when I open a project.
I have to shut down the computer and restart.
Is this a known problem?
It affects all versions of RW 6, El Capitan and Yosemite.

@Oscar, cannot reproduce error with OSX 10.11.1 and RW 6.3.6GM with Stacks 3.0.2


To clarify: we’ve fixed this as part of our work on 6.3.6. @Oscar if you could confirm whether this still affects you with the 6.3.6 GM it’d be useful to know :smile:



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Hello Nik, Hello Brad

Yesterday I had apparently worked with 6.3.5.
Today, everything is ok, with RW 6.3.6 GM.
Thank you @nikf and Realmac :wink:

Brad @Turtle , you were courageous, to try this!


Someone has to try the beta as a regular user and not a developer, I saw earlier today it had only been downloaded 27 times I think, shame really that more people don’t test it and get their issues fixed :wink: prior to 6.3.6 release and then complain that something that they need is broken :cry: or :rage: lol

Anyway, I trust Realmac to not give a beta that is too broken and like being part of the beta process to discover bugs and such.


Hello Brad @Turtle
I don’t mean to try RW 6.3.6 GM. I test always all beta versions of Realmac, since many years!
I mean to try drag and drop resources :wink:

@Oscar Ahhh… I have back ups so am willing to try anything with my project files lol, I have also created 4 separate sampler project files for troubleshooting issues here for themes, stacks, plug-ins that I have purchased to assist in troubleshooting issues on the forum that I am able to :smile: and for them, I don’t care what happens to them lol.

Very happy it’s sorted for you in 6.3.6 GM