Dreamweaver publishes update but not RW

Since my host suddenly changed its ISP no., RapidWeaver will not update my site despite changing the ISP no. to the new one. I do already have a site on the host within which I have this smaller site.
Dreamweaver manages to update it fine if I copy the files and create a ‘Dreamweaver’ site.
I attach the filled in dialogues for the 2 apps - I feel they should both work the same?
Is the problem that one site is embedded within another?

Thanks for any thoughts,
Andy Forrest

Your path is not correct. Path should be relative (no http:// )
Just try clearing the path in RW and hit the browse button next to it. Look for the yorkclassicgiutarsociety directory and select it.


Thanks Doug,
a minute of your time has saved me days!

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