Failure to publish website update

After making a small change to the website, it failed to publish with message, Failed to create remote site directory: /

Never been a problem before. What should I do?

That is not a url!!

Give us screenshot of the publishing settings. Looks like the path is wrong.

Before taking the following screen shot, I went to the website, copied the URL and pasted it into the publishing settings field for Path. Then tried publishing and got the same FTP error message. So here are the current publishing settings, which doesn’t work.

Screen Shot 2020-01-17 at 2.20.10 PM.png


the path is not the web address. It should be provided by the hosting company. It’s usually something like

Does the test connection work?

Is that RapidWeaver screen? If so, what version of RW is that from? The newer versions have a browse button, that allows you to select the path.

Test connection did not work.

Yes Rapidweaver screen. Version 5.3.2 (11606)

I’m sure there’s a newer version, but I’m not a website whizkid and worry that an update might change things beyond my abilities.

I just checked for updates and get the message: Update Error! An error occurred in retrieving update information. Try again later.


I don’t know a lot about RW5. I started with RW6 and currently use RW8. If the test connection fails (at least from RW6 and up), that usually means the login credentials (server name. User Name, Password) or invalid.

Who is your hosting company?
When was the last time you published?

A lot of hosting companies go through changes. Many now require SFTP or FTPS protocols instead of FTP for security.

I can tell just by looking at the screenshot that path isn’t going to work. HTTP is a transmission protocol like FTP is. You can never FTP to an address that starts with http:.

RW5.3.2 is about five years old. You can upgrade to 5.4.1 for free. I’m not saying that has anything to do with the issue or telling you to upgrade, just letting you know. You can get all versions of RW here:

Previous update was published less than a month ago. I’ll check with hosting company, Little Oak, to solve this glitch before upgrading to 5.4.1

Thanks, Doug, for your help.


You can try SFTP, by clicking the wrench icon and checking the box for “Use SFTP”.

Looks like the path should be

You still need to get the credentials fixed.

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