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RW7 - Sierra

This is not the first time I’ve installed a stack but it is the first I’ve not been able to find it after apparently installation!

I bought DuckDuckSearch stack, dowloaded the two files and doubleclicked the rwaddons file. Installer popped up and I clicked to install. But I cannot find the stack. It’s not showing up in the library on my project site and when i click Show Stacks Libtary in Finder it’s not rhere either.

I’ve contacted Joe Workman but so far his response has not been helpful, saying the stack ‘should have’. I know it should’ve! But it hasn’t.

Any idea where the stack could be? The only thing i can think of is that the stack file itself is faulty, despite the installer saying it is installed.

I should mention i’ve downloaded the files twice now.

If you want you can check out this video from @isaiah explaining how the addons folder works and has a number of hints on debugging the issue you are having:

I never do the Double click thing to install. I always “drag” the stack onto the menubar with RapidWeaver running.

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Have you quit and restarted RW since installing the new stack?

Try that if you haven’t already. Save your work first, obviously.

JW has now suggested:

“If you have multiple copies of RW installed, this could be an issue. One thing that you can do is to drag and drop the stack onto the dock icon. RapidWeaver is uncharge of doing the installation here.”

“You could also right click on the rwaddodns file and choose “Show Package Contents” you will find the stack inside of there. You can then manually install that into the RW addons folder.”

“Also make sure that both RW and Stacks plugin are up to date.”

I went for “Show Package Contents”, dragged the stack into RW folder in finder and clicked to install there. Stack has now appeared and I am currently customising for republish.

PS I am using RW7. How do I check which version of Stacks I’ve got?

Glad that I was able to help you out.

under the main rapidweaver menu item Select Manage addons:

In the window that popup select plugins, look for stacks and you will see the version number:

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Thank you.
I have Stacks v3.6.6

Is that the current version?

As for DuckDuckSearch, I won’t be using it after all that. It wasn’t made clear before i bought, at least I didn’t realise, that at the foot of the search results is a load of info about DuckDuck. I daresay DD are doing a good job but I don’t want third party info including requests for donations on my site. Can anyone recommend please a reliable Site Search stack that confines itself to searching a site and doesn’t stray?

Sure. RapidSearch Live from Will Woodgate creates its own db, therefore, it is not dependent on any external search engines.

You might have a look at this post:

You do have a few options in the RapidSearch family.

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