Duplicated page, then renamed and now pages do not appear in top bar site wide

(kurt) #1

As the title states.I had my site structure setup. I then solidified my first page and to use as a template I duplicated the page then renamed each duplicated page to the appropriate page name. (maybe there is a better way to create template type page to use for your site? How would i do this?

Now only half of the pages appear within top bar. I tried to ad a new top bar and same result.

Before I mess for hours is there a work around for this? The site only has five pages or so.

(Rusty) #2

I quite often duplicate pages when I first start a site, it’s quick, simple and works, are you sure the amount and length of your page titles fit within the visible TopBar … sounds like they may of dropped below the topbar because of the space needed.
Try checking the mobile view to see if the menu titles are there…

(kurt) #3

titles out of the bar? not at all. The page titles are one small word each. I actually eliminated all top bar style to troubleshoot.
They simply don’t show up.

I had to recreate the pages and then create partials of the information on the original page. I put the partials into the new pages and they all show up now. .