Top Bar menu stopped working [Solved]

I’ve had a site for a long time using Top Bar from Joe Workman. It’s always worked flawlessly.

I have the latest versions of everything.

I changed some text on one page, published that page, and realized that the menu bar on that page was blank.

Going back to RW, i see that all of the pages have a blank black box with no links. So I haven’t republished the whole site yet, as most of the Tool Bar instances still are working. But at least one page that I did not alter has no menu:

And if you click the link under CDs for Stradivarius Christmas [the page on which I changed the text], it links to an incorrect page.

All was fine before. I always update everything. But even when I opened an older version in RW7 (which shares the same add-ons folder as RW8), the once present menus are just black boxes.

Did something break with the latest Foundation updates?

If this can’t be fixed quickly, does any one recommend another stack that would be as easy to set up and use?


A bit more info. When I publish it to a local server, as I imagined, all of the top bar menus are blank, black, rectangles.

You have a few errors. including a 404 on a style sheet.

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It seems I have been using an older version of the Foundation Site Styles. It has worked fine with each update of other components, but something in a recent update to Foundation, Stacks, RW, or something else caused it to break. I updated all of the pages and it works fine once again.

I also had a similar issue with an old site. I tried to do some updates and noticed quite a few items on my pages weren’t working (some css for font styling, twitter feed disappeared, pop up caption stopped working)… I went back to an earlier version of my add-ons and all was fine. After a few hours of trouble shooting it seemed to point to a legacy stack of Top Bar that I was still using. I think the recent updates of Foundation caused some incompatibility. I’m now in the process of replacing the Top Bar with the latest version (unfortunately 50 pages of it!).

Instead updating TopBar on 50 pages, I suggest you replace them with a single Partial. In the future, you can update the partial and have the changes appear on all 50 pages. No re-copying to 50 pages necessary.

Using Partials allows you to place the same content in multiple places and be able to edit a single instance of the partial and have all of the other pages with that content use the updated version.

Intro to paritals:

See the Partials section here for details:

YourHead Software

Stacks 3 Reference Guide

Table of Contents Overview – Installing – Getting Started – The Library (Details, Groups, Organizing, Updating) – Partials – The Info Pane (Background, Border, Layout, Responsive) – The Stack…

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