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I’ve done two websites in the past, using RW themes and am currently on my first Foundry Stacks website. It’s a specialist e-learning platform, which I hope to be able to sell to individuals or business to help their candidates pass a specific ‘exam’.

I worry that candidates will share their passwords. I read this article https://plume.co.uk/blog/prevent-password-sharing-elearning/ and wondered which of those options are available in RW/Foundry e.g. single-sign on technology (via FB or google), 2-factor authentication, or simultaneous log-in blockers?

I’ve looked at SiteLok but it does not appear to have these. Any ideas please?



Have you talked to @vibralogix directly? Adrian can answer you questions regarding these features. Sitelok has many addons so perhaps some of them will help in this case.

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Doh. Looked at their plugins and immediately saw two on my list. Thanks Mathew. :grin:

@APCAnswers That’s great to hear. Sitelok is so reliable! I’ve been using it for 10+ years for courses I offer. But I haven’t needed your exact requirements. As for the “third” missing plugin: I’d contact Adrian directly. If he doesn’t have already, he might be willing to custom code a plugin. (It wouldn’t be the first time he’d done something like that.)

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Actually they may have plugins for all 3 requirements:

  1. 2FA Plugin
  2. Facebook Connect Plugin
  3. Password Sentry Plugin: Password Sentry is a third party product that analyzes user logins to detect and suspend users that are sharing passwords. This plugin allows integration of the Password Sentry system with Sitelok so that login is blocked if a user account is suspect.
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