Easiest way to update from RW5.4.1 to RW 8


I need to update from RW 5.4.1 to 8 but some of my plugins will no longer be available and many will need to be updated.

What is the easiest way to do this?

Maybe I just need to redo the site in RW 8 at this point?

Any help appreciated:)


That’s probably the easiest way. RW5.4.1 is very old, prior to doing responsive sites. As for plugins, you will need to update from each vendor (if they are still available and you want to use them).

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Thanks, Doug!

I thought that might be the case:)

Any suggestions to bring the old pages over without rewriting all the pages? Or start from scratch?

I’m not into website design very often… RW 5.4.1 was my last! lol

Thanks, again!

Just pick a newer responsive theme, and start copying and pasting from the old site.

Thanks again.

I really appreciate the time you’ve saved me in research. And I know it’s current and accurate!

Anything special I should do to keep my current organic google page rankings when I change over?

And last question… I think. lol

I’m migrating from a 2017 MacBook Pro to the new 16 inch MacBook Pro.
I know that my current RW 5.4.1 (32-bit) won’t work with the new one but will the new 64-bit open the files locally so I can copy and paste from them? Or do I need to do it on the old 2017 mac?

Have a great day!

What ever you find more convenient.

I would think it depends on the volume. You can also copy and paste from the live website.

As for search engine and rankings, if you are keeping the page URL’s the same, then you should be okay for those pages. If you’re changing the page URL’s then you’ll want to redirect any old URL’s to a new one.

You just don’t want to remove a old page without a redirect. Search engines cache and index URL’s for quite a while, plus users might have bookmarked the old page or shared it on a blog. You don’t want the page just to disappear.

Good luck with the site, don’t hesitate to ask more questions as they come.

Thanks, Doug:)

Very helpful and I’ll most likely be back;)

Have a great day and stay healthy!

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