Integrating website from RW 4.4.2 to 8.8 help

Hi! was wondering if anyone can point me in the right direction to get my website on RW 4.4.2 to the RW 8.8 version? Thank you for any and all help! Joe

Hi Joe,

There’s really no way to go from RW4.x to RW8.

The entire Internet has had massive changes. More folks are using mobile devices to browse the web.

RW4 was out long before mobile devices.

The best way would be to just start with a new RW8 project, pick a modern theme and copy and paste from the old site (if it’s still published).

RW 4 & RW 5 won’t run on any modern Macs (Catalina or above) as they were both 32bit.


Excellent! Thank you Doug for that info. Looks like I have a lot of work ahead to do!!
Thank you again!!

Can we see the old published site…a URL?


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