EasyTube Video app. Disapple because of new SSL requirements!

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So, I had to install an HTTPS prefix on my site in order for it to look like a secure site, no thanks to Google! But, now my EasyTube video page is not working because it’s saying that the script is unsafe or something like that. In order to view the YouTube video, one would have to disable the security lock! Is there a remedy for this situation?
Thanks in advance!

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It’s a plugin, not a stack and I can’t seem to find out who is the company that own it!

(Doug Bennett) #4

Don’t know that one. The only loose reference I found was https://www.cosculture.com/ but not sure it was mentioned in an old article.

Might want to give a URL to the site. Someone might be able to have a look.

(Mathew Mitchell) #5

Unfortunately plugins largely went the way of the dodo bird. They are largely extinct because the God of all plugins, Stacks, arrived on the scene. Soon afterwards (i.e. within a year or two) the vast majority of other developers had switched over to developing stacks instead of plugins. It was a smart move on their part.

I believe CosCulture likely made your plugin. Give them an email. They have a few video stacks for sale, e.g.:

It’s possible they will give you a discount for upgrading from the old plugin to a new stack.

(Eric) #6


Development work on plugin EasyTube Gallery has stopped for quite a while already.

We’re not working on plugins anymore, but have switched to developing stacks, like Mathew mentioned.

If you want, I can send you a promo code for YouTube Gallery. Just drop me an email to: support AT cosculture.com

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